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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


We reached USA two days ago to be with our younger son and daughter-in-law and today was our first day alone in the house as they left for work. 
Yesterday, as I was planning to get on the treadmill for my daily work-out, my son asked me, "You know how to switch it on? I will tell you. Here is the switch.This is speed control and this is incline control. Now do it in front of me."
"Ok," I said obediently and followed his instructions meticulously.

In the evening, as I was going out on the deck, he called out from the other end, "Wear your chappals Mom before you step out. The wood may hurt your feet."
This morning, while leaving for office, he suddenly came back from the garage to hand me over the duplicate key of the house, "Keep this key to the house on your person, just in case you get locked out of the house or have to go somewhere..."
He turned to go but came back again, "You know how to switch on the TV?"
"I know how to do it," I said but he still explained all the steps and left saying, "In case you have any problem, just ping me on gmail."
"Ok", I said and he left.
He left only to turn back again.
"I think one of us will leave our mobile with you. Here, keep this one," and explained the modus operandi of his highly sophisticated mobile phone.
"OK. Now you go. You are getting late for office," the mother in me was worried about his being delayed to office.
After an hour, the phone rang.
"What's up?"
"Just finished our breakfast," I replied.
"Why so late? What were you doing?"
"Dad was removing weeds from the lawn and I was trying to organize your garage," I said with a glint in my eyes. 
"Oh! Why are you doing all this without telling me? Did he wear gloves while doing so? He could be hurt by the thorns in the weeds. And you shouldn't  do all this  cleaning up. There are pieces of broken glass lying over there. You could have got hurt. At least you should have told me before doing this."
"Oh, Baby nothing of the sort has happened. Don't you worry!"

And saying this, I felt immensely touched with his concern for us and my eyes became moist with love for my son. It seems like yesterday only when I used  these very words when he was small and I used to go to work leaving  him behind giving instructions and cautioning him about various things. 

The time has flown past so quickly and my little boy has grown up. The love, care and concern was so amply clear in his words and actions. I quietly wiped the tears of joy from my eyes and whispered a prayer for him. 

The circle seems to have been complete. 

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