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Thursday, 10 May 2012


(A real-life incident)

A Red Rose For Friendship
My nephew, a young man just out of the Engineering College, recently moved to Pune to join his first job. Passionate about playing soccer, he could not keep himself off soccer there too. 

Two weeks ago, while playing soccer in a nearby park at night, he chased the football to a corner and while retrieving it from behind the bushes, leaned over an electric pole. Shock of shocks... The pole had live current. He did not get a shock, he simply got stuck on the electric pole. The more he tried to pull himself, the more he got stuck to it.

There is nothing like a good friend.
Hats off to his friends who immediately noticed this and came to his rescue. They tried to pull him off but were thrown off by the strong electric current. But they did not give up. Without caring for their own lives, they put their mite together and managed to pull him out of a situation which was heading towards being fatal in a few seconds. A few burns on the hands, some body muscles in spasm but the power of friendship once again proved that there is nothing like good friends!

The local residents later shared that this pole has been having electric current for a long time and it was public knowledge. 
What are the civic authorities doing? Is anybody accountable? Nobody knows.
What I know is that there is nothing like a good friend! 
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