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Monday, 9 April 2012


Huge uprooted trees lying on Munda Beach

We had heard so much about Chidiya Tapoo (Birds Island) and Munda Beach that one evening was dedicated to this beautiful part of Port Blair. Located at a distance of app. 30 kms from Port Blair, we drove down to this area. The road was narrow and the driver was going very fast. Time and again I told him, “Your speed is scaring me. Please…. please slow down.” He finally slowed down only when he saw a few cops beckoning him to stop on the side. Rigorous checking of his documents made him come out of his stupor.

Once at Chidiya Tapoo, we realised why it was called so. Innumerable birds were chirping away and listening to their combined sounds was quite a rewarding experience. Nature at its best! A hoarding placed near the beach enlightened us on the faunal wealth of Andaman Islands. Read about Dugong, Andaman Teal, Megapode, Crab eating Macaque, Andamanese Wood Pigeons, Nicobarese Pigeons and other protected animals. The area had very tall tropical trees. Let me share that the trees were so high that looking up for loon could make one dizzy. 

Tree trunks on the beach make good resting places
Munda beach is a very clean beach with lovely soft white sand and clean rocks. 
The sea was almost still, with hardly any waves. Felt like getting into water but fear of water allowed us to go only up to ankle deep levels. How I wish I had learnt swimming when I was young. 
My advice to all those who cannot swim is to learn it soon before it becomes too late

Sun and clouds fighting for space in the sky

The sun was hiding behind the clouds and it appeared that we will not be able to enjoy the sun-set which we were told provides an awesome view. 
An avid collector of sun-set photos, I was feeling a little disappointed, but continued to click the various moods of the clouds which were changing the landscape every few minutes.
At last the sun managed to fight back the clouds and claimed its space. It was a feast to our eyes.
The sun rays reflecting in the sea created almost a mirror inverted copy. Loved it! 

At last the sun managed to peep out

As the sun suddenly went into hiding, we brushed off the sand from our feet and walked back to the car to return to the Guest House. 

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